Mon Châtelain was born on the banks of the River Tyne in rural Northumberland, England. Parisian couture designer Delphine Manivet had just landed her first sea trout on the fly with the help of her friend and host Jonathan Elkington. A conversation they had on the riverbank that day formed the seed of an idea that is now fully realised in the timeless, graceful qualities of Mon Châtelain.

Mon Châtelain is a clothing line that marries the colours and traditions of the English countryside with the tailoring and detail of Parisian couture. It is a unique offering embracing evening wear, coats and accessories. The inspiration of the River Tyne, the abundance of the Northumbrian pasture and woodland and a respect for the history of the landscape are all perfectly expressed in our clothes.

“Since my first visit to Chipchase Castle I have been enthralled by the elegance of English country life. I love the family history, the land, the sophisticated outfits. The way people dress - all the paraphernalia for salmon fishing, walks through the heather and picnics at the river bank. But when I tried to search for an impeccable country-style jacket for myself, I realised something was missing. The cut was always too classic and the fabric too thick.

So I decided to design my own jacket. Something elegant, with a soft fabric, a tailored cut and a modern couture touch. A jacket I could feel comfortable wearing in the English countryside, warm in the brisk weather and feel equally stylish on the streets of Paris. I was immediately inspired to share this look with women and men searching for an ultra-elegant country-style range of clothing with a touch of Parisian look. I wanted to share this vision with people who - perhaps like me - are looking for for something different, a timeless style in tune with nature.”

Delphine Manivet, 2019